Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello fellow brothers of Pi!  Welcome to the Pi Kappa Chi Alumni Association Blog.  This is a way for you to stay up to speed on the latest happenings within the Pi Kappa Chi Alumni.  Our officers are super excited about where the organization is heading and the momentum we are gaining in strengthening our brotherhood and getting back to the 6 pillars of Pi Kappa Chi, which are on the home page if you want to refresh.  Our active chapter is stronger than ever and we are on track to generate enough money to build a new house in less than 5 years!  We encourage you to get involved, support the organization, and give to the foundation so that the traditions of Pi Kappa Chi may live on forever and we leave a legacy to this profession!  Take care.


Ashly "Minnie" Ochsner
Lifetime member
Current Alumni Treasurer
1998 Graduate